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International Projects

  1. EU Project "Drafting Secondary Legislation, DCM, on Public Procurement Funds" Albanian Law.
  2. IFC, World Bank Group project; drafting the "Condominium By-laws" and the Condominium Association Manual for Albanian Ministry of Public Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication.
  3. ELI CARDS Program, "Implementation of the national plan of Albania for the approximation of the environmental legislation Ministry of Environment;" Drafting Water Law in accordance with the EU directives".
  4. WB and IFC project for the drafting of the law on waste batteries and accumulators. Transposition of EU Directive. Review/analyze of the national legislation on waste and waste streams including batteries, car batteries and relevant regulations to be used as instruction during the drafting of the law.
  5. Drafting of the law on the Veterinary Service in the Republic of Albania with the project “improvement of the consumer protection against zoonotic disease – identification number EuropeAid/128304/C/SER/AL” in Albania (PAZA).
  6. SELEA Project, Technical Assistance for Capacity Strengthening at the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration for the drafting of the law and implementation of the national environmental legislation.
  7. WB and IFC project for the analysis of the Food Safety System in Albania. Detailed analysis of current food safety infrastructure implemented or to be implemented in Albania (in compliance with the local legal framework) and comparison with the reference standard of the food safety system in the EU.
  8. ELI CARDS program, «implementation of the national plan for the harmonization of the environmental legislation » for the Ministry of Environment.
  9. DIKTAS Project, a project supported by countries with common water formations in the framework of the FEM (Global Environment Fund).