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Natural resources, such as minerals, forests, water, land and air are the foundation of economic prosperity to the world society, but they are used more quickly compared to the time of their recovery.

Long-term strategies have been taken everywhere to minimize the environmental impact, which occupies the main part of the procedures and legislation change. Meeting the requirements can be a challenge for business operators as these changes affect their daily activity. Also an important task is to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Our expertise enables an effective response to changes and legal requirements increasingly stringent in this area.

Our service includes:

  • Consulting and following of the process and procedures for obtaining permits and licenses in the field of environmental impact;
  • Tracking of the Permit and License compliance with legal requirements;
  • Consulting and preparation of contracts relating to waste management, their handling, their place of treatment and the full cycle of their treatment.
  • Consulting and following of the procedures for applying for the Unique Waste Code and preparation of the documentation for the transfer cycle of the waste from the generator until their final disposal.
  • Consulting on transport of dangerous goods;
  • Consulting on permits and their procedures on transport and treatment of wastewater