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Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

Our intellectual property team advises and implements projects focused on the use and a more efficient implementation of intellectual property rights. We assist our clients for possible transactions that they may have at a national and international level with an impact on their trademarks / registered patents rights.

We offer our knowledge, by understanding the challenges of the market in an environment of continuous technological evolution.

Our experience in the field of intellectual property and copyright covers the following sectors: finance, energy, infrastructure, transport, science & health, technology and innovation,

Our service includes:

  • Legal Consulting on the protection of trademarks, labels, patents, plans, technical know-how and legal information;
  • Consulting services, preparation of documentation, and tracking applications in DPPM procedures for the registration of the trademark / patent until receiving the Registration Certificate.
  • Preparation of contracts and other legal documents for the protection, administration and     execution of intellectual property rights;
  • General consulting on Intellectual Property and Copyright;
  • Due Diligence of Copyright ;
  • Consulting on licensing, appointment and transfer of copyright;